Fellowship Program in Advanced Laser Dentistry

Fellowship Program in Advanced Laser Dentistry

Fellowship Program in Advanced Laser Dentistry

Earn 120 CE Credits 

4 Modules starts on October 2017 in Bahrain

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Fellowship Diploma in 
Advanced Laser Dentistry 

Acquire a Fellowship Diploma from a top Dental University and get access to a 2-year Master Degree (MSc) in Laser Dentistry at the University of Genoa, Italy. 

Intensive Lectures with more than 50% hands-on workshop and clinical training

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Receive Your Post-graduate Diploma in Laser Dentistry

A one-year international training program composed of 4 modules offered by the University of Genoa, Italy and organized by Mastery Academy, this course will provide students evidence-core knowledge in laser use in dentistry. The goal of this fellowship is to refine practical skills of students and define a level of competence that is consistent with an experienced laser user. 

Program Objectives

This post-graduate program in Laser Dentistry comprises of 4 modules. The objective of this fellowship program is the specialization of dental practitioners to become experts in laser therapy. The program combines lectures, skill training sessions, tutorials and practical workshops. Additionally, the study course is rounded off with an extensive MCQ examination and clinical cases documentation and presentation . Under the intensive supervision of professors and program speakers, dental practitioners are introduced to successful and correct practical applications of lasers.

  • To be able to perform periodontal surgery (gingivectomy) using laser
  • Demonstrate on how to AESTHETICALLY return the normal color of the gingiva using gingival depigmentation
  • To acquire the ability on how to incorporate predictable bleaching and desensitisizing procedures into your practice
  • Understand how lasers can be used to enhance endodontic treatments and reduce complications
  • To be able to perform laser interaction on hard tissues such as enamel, dentin and bone.
  • Become competent in patient consultancy in all areas of laser and laser supported therapy
or CALL :
KSA: +966 5 808 44487
Bahrain: +973 351 086 22
UAE: +971 5 5235 8782

Our Program Speakers

You can be good in many specialties but it’s hard to be exceptional at all. Each of our program professors has years of expertise and experience under their belts.


Course Director

Prof. Stefano is a Professor in Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics at the University of Genoa, Italy. He is also the DEAN of the Laser Department Center at the University of Genoa and the President of the European Master Course in Laser Dentistry. A founding member of IAHT (International Academy of High Tech) and an author/co-author of 80 national and international publications including three books about laser dentistry


Program Speaker

Dr. Jihad Habli is one of the founding members of the Laser Committee of the Lebanese Dental Association. He has obtained a certificate in Facial Dermal Fillers from the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics . In addition he is a professor in Laser Dentistry at the University of Genoa, Italy


Program Speaker

Dr. Alex is the Professor and Head of the Department of Prosthodontics at P.M.S. College of Dental Science and Research. He is also the academic director  of Genoa University's Laser Dentistry in India. In addition, Dr. Alex is a Nobel Biocare Fellow in Implantology and has served in the Ministry of Health in KSA.


Program Speaker

Dr. Manconi graduated in Dentistry in Genoa - Italy ) with an experimental research about Er:YAG Laser effects on hard dental tissue. He is a contract professor at the University of Genoa, Master in Laser Dentistry. In addition, he is well-known international speaker and lecturer in various dental congress about Laser Dentistry. Currently, Dr. Manconi owns a private practice in Italy.



  • low registration fee
  • inclusive of all program materials and lectures
  • flexible payment terms

€1300/month (3 months)

Reservation Fee is Non-refundable
400 Euros examination fee is not yet included
Terms and Conditions May Apply

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Become an Expert in Laser Use

Successful Graduates of this program shall be recognized with a Diploma from the University of Genoa, Italy and shall be given an opportunity to enroll to a 2-year Master Degree (MSc) in Laser Dentistry at the said University.


  1. Day 1 Lectures
    • Laser Photonic Energy
    • Historical Aspects of Laser Development
    • Relation of Laser Emission to "Ordinary" Light
    • Production of Laser Photonic Energy by Solid state, gas and semi-conductor-based laser machine
    • Emission modes
    • Laser tissue Interaction
    • Laser Safety
    Day 2 Lectures
    • Clinical Case Design
    • Low-level Laser Energy Use in Dentistry
    • Laser wavelengths use in dentistry and an overview of its application

    Hands-on Training

    • How to initiate a fiber
    • Laser Safety Procedures
    • Basic Science of Laser Use
  2. Day 1 Lectures
    • Laser Use in Oral Hard Tissue Management
    • Laser Wavelengths and Consideration of Optimal Power Parameters Relative to Absorption Phenomena
    • Laser Interaction with Enamel, Dentine, Cementum and Dental Caries
    Day 2 Lectures
    • Laser use in fixed prostheses
    • Laser use in endodontics-orthograde and retrograde applications
    Hands-on Training
    • Laser use on hard tissue
  3. Day 1 Lectures
    • Laser use in Oral Soft Tissue Management
    • Laser Interaction with Alveolar Bone
    Day 2 Lectures
    • Laser use in Perio: Surgical and non-surgical applications
    • Laser use in Implantology
    Hands-on Training
    • The use of Laser Photonic Energy in simulated oral soft tissue surgical management procedures and bone surgery
    • Presentation of Clinical Cases
    • MCQ Examination
    • MCQ Marking
    • Graduation Ceremony