Mastery Academy Introduces a More Improved and Advanced Fellowship Diploma in Advanced Esthetic Dentistry


Mastery Academy Introduces a More Improved and Advanced Fellowship Diploma in Advanced Esthetic Dentistry

Now on its 8th Edition, our Fellowship Diploma in Advanced Esthetic Dentistry introduces new modules and a more improved and advanced program.

Starting on September 2017 in Bahrain, the 6-module Diploma Program will include Dental Photography, Digital Smile Design, Veneers, Esthetic Composites, CAD-CAM, Botox and Fillers and Laser in its curriculum.

What Sets This Esthetic Program Apart From The Last 7 Editions?

Mastery Academy and our partner institutions and university understand the growing demand for dental cosmetic treatments and the challenges that many dental practitioners face when it comes to providing quality cosmetic treatments.

Because of the demand in the market, the competition is tough not only for dental practitioners but for dental education providers as well. And because it is our objective to provide the ‘Golden Standard’ of dental continuing education, we applied major changes in our curriculum to better address the challenges faced by dental practitioners.

  • Convenient
    All modules will be conducted on weekends to avoid any conflicts on the participant’s clinic schedules.
  • Conducive Learning Environment
    For better learning and skills retention, we only accept limited number of students to ensure that each dental practitioner is given the right attention and training he/she needs. In addition, we have partnered with SMTC (Seef Medical Training Center) to be able to provide a well-equipped training center for all our hands-on workshops.
  • Acquire In-depth Knowledge & Experience
    We have hand-picked the best professors and speakers for each topics and modules to make sure that participants get the best learning experience.
  • Increase Accuracy and Quality in Your Cosmetic Treatments
    The use of dental microscope is very significant in dentistry, it provides great visualization allowing dentists to achieve better treatment results. Our hands-on workshops will be done using this piece of technology, we will demonstrate the proper usage of dental microscopes and how it can increase their accuracy and results.
  • Better Payment Solutions
    We believe that education should not be expensive that is why we offer flexible payment terms and solutions to dentists. Securing your seat in this program is inexpensive, it only takes 1500 Euros to reserve your spot. We also offer Early bird payment plan for great value and discounts.
  • Access to Master Degree (MSc) in Restorative and Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry
    Successful graduates of this program shall not only be recognized with a Diploma but they will also be eligible to enroll in a Master Degree at the University of Genoa, Italy.
  • Highest Accreditation in Dentistry
    Get 126 CE credits from the American Dental Association (ADA C.E.R.P)
  • Enjoy AEEDC 2018
    A special gift awaits our participants as we will be conducting our last module and graduation ceremony in Dubai with a FREE trip to AEEDC 2018.

All these and more, so if you are planning to take your cosmetic treatment to the next level, now is the right time. To know more about our program, you may go to this link.